1854-07-25: Frederick A. MacDougall married Maria Antonia Castro de Anzar

Tuesday, July 25, 1854 – Frederick A. MacDougall married Maria Antonia Castro de Anzar, wife of the deceased Juan Miguel Anzar, owner of Rancho Quien Sabe.

(MacDougall later inherited 1/3 of her 1/2 share which is 1 undivided 6th of Quien Sabe.

Her heirs inherited the other 2/3rds.)

NOTE: But according to later court decisions, Quien Sabe hadn't been separated from Rancho Santa Ana.

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1854-07-24: Anzar estate: distribution of personal property, MacDougall bonds reduction

Monday, July 24, 1854: Anzar estate – report of commissioners on distribution of personal property filed.

A probate min. p. 166.

Petition of Frederick A. MacDougall to have the amount of his bonds reduced.

1854-07-12: Anzar Estate – MacDougall bonds filed for each minor heir

Wednesday, July 12, 1854: Anzar estate – Frederick A. MacDougall filed bonds for each minor: Anatolio Anzar, Maria Barbara Anzar, Policronio de Guadelupe Anzar, Juan Francisco Anzar.

All approved the same day.

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