1872-02-18: Hernandez buys Arques estate’s share of Rancho Quien Sabe

Sunday, February 18, 1872 – Estanislao Hernandez buys all of the José G. Arques estate's share of Rancho Quien Sabe.

Joaquin R. Arques of Santa Clara and Luis Arques of Monterey County, executors of the estate of Joseph G. Arques, 1st parties, and Estanislao Hernandez of Monterey County; 12/26/1871

On the death of José G. Arques, he owned one undivided 8th of Quien Sabe abutting on San Joaquin Rancho and Santa Ana.

2/18/1872 The Arques Estate sold to Hernandez all the right, title and interest in Rancho Quien Sabe (Santa Ana is not mentioned)  – Later, on May 9th 1872, is a confirmation of this sale referring to Probate Book A, page 321.

Deeds Book L p. 92


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